A computer is a machine that is programmable and is made to function logical and arithmetics operations sequentially and automatically just by the input that the user command and this machine gives the results of the input ater.

This fantastic machine which nowadays is used by the 95% of people in the world is divided in two categories, software and hardware.

With hardware we describe the machine itself and that can be plugged with all the necessary and needed components such as keyboard, mouse etc; instead as software we mean all the installable programs and the programs that make the hardware working.

There are a lots of topics all around the world and this is just an introduction and approaching to the IT sector, so if you as me have any thoughts and info which you would like to share about IT , feel welcome to do it.

Follow this simple and well explained video:


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About Computer Maintenance

Nowadays, computers have become a very important part of our life for home or a business, computers are a part of our day to day life, from a small kid to an elder, almost everybody either knows how to operate a computer or wants to learn how.

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Whаt iѕ Internet?

.NET iѕ the Miсrоѕоft Plаn fоr connecting and ѕhаring information, resources, ѕуѕtеmѕ and dеviсеѕ thrоugh Wеb Services for making mоrе еffесtivе communication аnd соllаbоrаtiоn between соmmunitiеѕ and реорlе оnlinе.

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Make a VoIP Call with a Cell Phone

Nowadays no person can be without mobile phone and Internet. Would you want to utilize your mobile phone to call other people in the world without paying big fees? Would you be interested to have a solitary gadget that handles both your VoIP calls and also mobile phone telephone calls? So you need to request a free site appraisal and quote for your Voip nz.

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